Your Breakup Survival Plan is on its way, but first...
Ready to Stop Hurting And Obsessing Over Your EX So You Can Feel Hopeful About Life Again?
After experiencing a breakup, you want to feel like someone hears you and sees you and knows where you're coming from.

You want to explain your side of the story to someone who's not involved in your situation.

"After a breakup you need someone to listen to you and understand where you are coming from."

I’m Rai, a Chi-town girl who’s lived all over the world and before I met my Aussie husband Peter, I went through the typical cycle of breaking up and making up over and over again. 

Sometimes, I filled voids with nonsense relationships and other times I took WAAAY too long to walk away. 

One thing every breakup has in common -- whether it was for 6 months or it's the end of a 25-year marriage:

My Last Breakup

After several other relationships (and breakups) I was finally in a relationship with someone who started as a great friend and I was so hopeful.

So, when the relationship ended, I was devastated. Not only did I lose the relationship, I also lost a really good friend. 

I liked my EX so much and struggled with everything inside of me to walk away. 

I kept trying to fix the relationship, understand what was happening and find solutions to something that could never be fixed.

To make matters worse, at the time, I was living out of the country, far from my support system. 

Once again, what I really needed in that moment was someone to talk to.

If I could go back, I would tell myself life was going to get better, and I would believe I was going to get stronger. 

I would tell myself to walk away sooner, with more confidence and more strength.

And I would find someone to talk to...

You can move beyond this breakup and become more confident, self-aware and hopeful than you were before.

Chatting with a supportive person can help you push through the pain of your breakup and help you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

I'd love to give you the support you need. Just say, "YES!"
When you book 1-Week of Online Support, I'll include a few FREE gifts for your healing journey...
When you book, 1 Week of Online Support ($297 value) with unlimited access to contact me and receive responses via email or Messenger, for one-week, I'll give you the following gifts:

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🎁 In the Beyond the Breakup Survival Plan Ebook, I explain what you may be feeling and walk you through how you can create a plan to make it through the next few months. ($47 Value)

🎁 In the Beyond the Breakup Survival Plan Workbook, you have the space to create your own Breakup Survival Plan. ($47 Value)

🎁 The ebook, The Healing Truth about the 30-Day No Contact Rule will walk you through the concept of No-Contact and will explain the benefits and how you can carry it out in your own healing journey. ($97 Value)

🎁 In the 30 Day Beyond the Breakup Encouragement Calendar, you will see a prompt to encourage you as you journey through no-contact and healing after this breakup. Maintaining a strong mind is important as you work to repair your heart and rebuild your self-esteem. ($27 Value)

🎁 To continue your encouragement, the Always By Your Side! 30-Day Audio Encouragement shares a recorded audio message for each day over the next 30 days to help you continue to wake up and put one foot in front of the other. It's the boost you need to help you navigate a tough breakup. (Audio) ($97 Value)

🎁 Each day, find an encouraging message in your inbox, pushing to you, Don't Give Up! 30-Day Daily Email Encouragement (Email) ($97 Value)

TOTAL Value of: $906
All of these gifts are yours when you book a week of online support

I have been empowering women (like you) to cut through the chaos of hurt, confusion and anger to move beyond their breakups through my blog at, my online course, social media and private coaching sessions.

I'm a trained coach who has been working through healing my own heart and those of other women for many years.

Here are a few case studies of people I've helped.

Barbara said...

"I can't thank you enough for all the support you have given me. It was a Godsend to have someone in your corner there with you whenever you needed it. Thank you so much for all of your advice and taking the time out of your day to spend some real relief and helping me get through this."

Barbara J.

North Carolina, USA

How I helped Dave...

While the primary group I focus on helping is women, Dave came to me when he experienced a breakup out of the blue and he was feeling heartbroken. He said,

"The initial breakup wasn't very pleasant. She texted at work, without any warning. She said this relationship is not going to work. Do not text me or call me. It definitely hurt! I chose not to text or call her and ask why. Your help was instrumental with helping me get over the breakup."

Dave W.

California, USA

This is what Jane said after our sessions...

I was hesitant at first to ask for help and take the 30 days no contact rule. But now, I am so glad I did. 

Rai really helped me evaluate my previous relationships. She helped me by asking questions that made me really evaluate things. She also encouraged me to move forward in life. 

During our video calls and chats, she also shared her life stories. She can relate to what I am going through. 

I can say now that I moved on from the heartbreak and I am embracing the future God has for me. I want to thank Rai because she was with me on the journey and I found a friend in her. 🤍


*Name changed for privacy

Here's Why I'm Doing This...

The reason I'm offering all of these things to you for such a low price is because...

  • It's my way of saying thank you for trusting me to go on this journey with you.
  • I know this is a vulnerable time in your life and money shouldn't stand in the way of your healing  
  • ​You get to experience my deep desire for your healing and when you see how awesome it is, you should be excited to get more useful information from me. 
  • ​There are many ways I can empower you after this breakup, and this system will help you begin to experience hope and change so that you'll realize how I can continue to help you learn and grow.
  • ​It allows me to help as many women as possible find freedom after their breakups, which I'm passionate about.
Because I've been through this situation, I know that the system works. I guarantee that you'll love this product or I'll return your $27 and let you keep it.

My Guarantee

Because I've been through this situation, I know that the system works. I guarantee that you'll love this product or I'll return your $27 and let you keep it.

These are my gifts to you, when you book 1-week of online support...

Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get Today When You Order My Take My Power Back After A Breakup With The 30-Day No Contact Rule.
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  Beyond the Breakup Plan (Workbook) (Value $47)
  The Truth about the 30-Days of No Contact (Ebook)  (Value $97)
  30-Day Encouragement Calendar (Value $27)
  30-Day Audio Encouragement (Value $97)
  30-Day Email Encouragement (Value $97)
Total Value: $906
Today Just $27
What would it feel like to be in control of your emotions again? Just imagine the freedom you'll feel when you start letting go of your EX.

Okay, I don't want to hold you up any further from starting your journey of healing. Just click on the button below and let's get started.

Thanks again,
YES RAI! Give Me Instant Access To 1-Week of Online Support, along with the gifts to help me take my power back for just $27.00 !
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  • 1-Week of Online Support (Value $297)​ 
  • ​ Take Your POWER back after Breakup (Videos) (Value $197)  
  • ​Beyond the Breakup Survival Plan (Ebook) (Value $47)
  • ​​Beyond the Breakup Plan (Workbook) (Value $47)
  • The Healing Truth about the 30-Day No Contact Rule (Value $97)
  • ​  30-Day Encouragement Calendar (Value $27)
  • ​  30-Day Audio Encouragement (Value $97)
  • ​  30-Day Email Encouragement (Value $97)
Total Value: $906
Today Just $27

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